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Aalborg-Industries Group
Aalborg, Dánia

Smit Gas Systems B.V.
Nijmegen, Hollandia

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From the beginning we can say, that our company heads to the stainless steel product market. At this moment 95% of used steel is austenitic, super-austenitic, duplex and there is some heat-resistant steel we use. As soon as possible want to increase activity to producing stainless steel vessels, because of this we continuously build-up its possibilities. We are out for reliability and long-term partnership both domestic and international level.
Inert Gas Generator
The Inert Gas is produced by the combustion of fuel oil with air in a water-cooled combustion chamber, in which controlled, complete combustion takes place. The Ultramizing® Combustion system assures soot-free combustion at all times, also at part load conditions. The chamber is indirectly cooled by seawater, whereas after-cooling and sulphur oxide washing occur directly in a specially developed spray and cooling system in a second stage. The clean combustion products, that is Inert Gas with a typical oxygen content of 2% leave the generator at a temperature a few degrees C above that of seawater. The condensed water vapour is discharged together with the cooling water. The combustion process is monitored and controlled by the oxygen analyzer.
The oil-fired SMIT GAS FU Inert Gas Generator is mostly used on Chemical tankers and Product tankers
Oil flame characteristics:


Bluish-transparent, oil flame characteristic of the Ultramizing® combustion principle compared with a traditional one.

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